Are you an owner of a Smart TV? If yes, you can watch more than 1500+ Live TV channels thru SATMAXX’s Live TV subscription service on your SMART TV (Android, Tizen, IOS, STB). No need to buy a setup box.

Satmaxx Inc provides streaming access to 1500+ live TV channels from North & South America, EU countries,  Australia, Middle East, Africa, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Russia, India, Iran & Afghanistan, including Sports, Movies, Drama, TV Shows, Documentary and Islamic Channels.

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SUPPORT-We provide our support services 24/7, so whenever you need help on your device, our support specialists are always here to help you.

SECURE-We are hosted on fast and highly secured servers. No need to worry about your TV transmission being interrupted.

UPDATE-We regularly update our channel lists. So you will get to watch all the latest TV channel streams available

PACKAGES-SATMAXX offers 2 packages based on 6months and 12months subscription based service.


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