Enjoy 1000+ Global Channels today with SatMaxx™ on your TV!


SatMaxx™ Internet Box is an INTERNET TV Streaming Box which accesses Web Internet Channels from across the globe and displays them onto a viewer’s TV set. Unlike IPTV box, SatMaxx™ Internet Box never charges you for watching your favorite channels. Viewers can watch their favorite programs on their TV set, without the use of a personal computer or a satellite dish or any subscription by using an award winning open source (GPL) software media center KODI* for playing videos, music, pictures, games and more.

P.S. (The open source (GPL) software is not in any way affiliated or sponsored with SatMaxx IPTV and also does not provide any media itself since the device uses 3rdparty add-ons). By no means KODI assures or guarantees the streaming content or is responsible whatsoever.

Watch Live TV Channels, TV Shows & Movie Library on the Go! Anytime, anywhere

Enjoy over 1000+ of TV channels from around the World. TheSatMaxx™ Internet TV Box has preinstalled WebTV channels from USA, UK, EU Countries, Middle East, Africa, Pakistan, India, Saudi Arabia, Iran, China and many more.


Just because you’ve made your home hundreds or thousands of miles away from your motherland, doesn’t mean you have to stop watching the dramas, television shows and movies you’ve grown to love.” Connecting a computer to your TV was never easy or practical.

That was the spark that ignited the SatMaxx team into action. We believe you should be able to turn on your TV set and watch whatever you want, whenever you want without any limitation. Borders should never hold your viewing pleasure hostage.

That spark became our ultimate goal. We wanted to create a simple product that would bring the familiarity of home back to southeast Asians living abroad. The SatMaxx Internet TV Box (our flagship product) does exactly that. It was created in collaboration with several 3rd party addons and techniques who reserve their right for their development.

Quick Buffering

Browse channels quickly and rapidly without worrying about buffering and loading time as SATMAXX IPTV BOX uses modern streaming technologies that takes less than 1 second to buffer and load your desired channels depending on speed of your internet connection.

Full HD 1080

Watch your favorite TV shows with SatMaxx™ IPTV BOX in smoother motion, richer and more natural colors, and surrounding sound.

Built-in WiFi

Connect your box wirelessly to your network without the hassle of running wires in existence to conventional Ethernet LAN (Recommended).

SatMaxx™ Internet TV Box is powerful and compact device- with its small and sleek design, it’s full to the brim with so many amazing things to see and do, and you can see and do all of it from anywhere you want!

  • Take SatMaxx Internet TV Box with you on your next trip, and you won’t have to spend another boring evening in a hotel room with nothing to do.
  • Going to visit family? Take your SatMaxx Internet TV Box and share your favorite contents and TV shows with your loved ones.
  • Watch your favorite Live TV Channels, your homeland TV Shows & Movies on the go in your vehicle, simply connect to your vehicle’s navigation screen accessing A/V input, connect WIFI and you are all set.



YouTube allows billions of people to discover, watch and share originally-created videos. Watch every kind of videos from the world wide web in our Youtube Service. It is all for free and integrated in SatMaxx™ INTERNET TV BOX

Audio/Video On Demand

Select and watch movies every time by only pushing one button. Play pause stop watch later all is possible with our Video on Demand option.

National and Local Weather

Forecast, Hurricane, Radar and Report: The Weather Channel and provide a national and local weather forecast for cities, as well as weather radar, report and hurricane coverage.


Enjoy over 100 Radio channels broadcasted live from around the World.